Trump: Ivanka Qualified As The First Female President

Speaking at the August 28 campaigning event, President Donald Trump hinted that people would support his daughter if America had its first female president.

Dyedo Tikio
2 min readAug 29, 2020
Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

“I also want to see the first female president, but I don’t want to see the first female president reach that position the way she did,” President Donald Trump assaulted Sen. Kamala Harris, Vice President of the Democratic Party.

“She is incompetent. Everyone says, ‘We want Ivanka.’ I can’t blame you,” he said, referring to his daughter Ivanka Trump, the White House senior adviser.

Mr. Trump made his offensive speech at the campaigning event in Londonderry, just a day after the Republican National Congress (RNC) ended. Much of the program focused on his image as president for the sake of women and blacks.

The June voter survey showed the difference between men and women in presidential elections at a historical level. Recent surveys show that black voters strongly support former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate.

However, just attracting a small portion of black voters in battle states can make a difference for President Trump.