The Birth of Contact Lenses — The Great Vision of Leonardo da Vinci

Contact lenses (contact lenses) are so familiar and popular, they are used by more than 150 million people worldwide. People choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons: cosmetic or therapeutic. Along with that are the advantages of this type of glasses when compared to ordinary glasses such as no water, snow and higher aesthetics, so nowadays there are many young people who love this type of glasses.

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The vision of Leonardo da Vinci

A little-known fact is that although only about 100 years ago, but contact lenses were born from the idea of inventor Leonardo da Vinci. He sketched this idea in his 1508 book Codex of the Eye in 1508, where submerging a person’s head in a bowl of water could change their vision. He even created a glass tube with a large funnel on one side to fill it with water. However at that time, his way of thinking was unrealistic and quite absurd.

The contact lenses were born from the idea of inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

It was not until 1636 that, after examining the manuscript of Leonardo, a French scientist named René Descartes proposed another idea: placing a water-filled glass tube in direct contact with the cornea, This is also the reason for the name contact lenses. Descartes’ invention partly helped the wearer improve their vision, but this design made them unable to take a nap.

René Descartes’ invention is based on the idea of Leonardo da Vinci.

Error glasses were created

By 1801, an English scientist named Thomas Young created a basic pair of contact lenses based on Descartes’ idea by changing the design, reducing the size of the glass to only 6.3 mm and use wax to attach two water-filled tubes to your eyeballs. Of course, this is also impractical and cannot fix vision problems…