Greenwashing — What Do We Really Need For Sustainability

In recent decades, sustainability has become a priority for consumers, who are increasingly on the lookout for products that are organic, high-quality, affordable and environmentally-friendly.

Dyedo Tikio
2 min readNov 24, 2020


This tendency has led companies to devise green product and marketing strategies.

Green strategy is beneficial in the long-term race for businesses while bringing sustainability, transparency and trust to customers. Companies touting green products or technologies will make significant contributions to restraining climate change, helping to reduce not only industrial waste, but also household waste.

Besides, Organic products will protect people’s health from harmful chemicals. Especially, Obsolete technologies will be replaced with new advanced systems that conform to new environmental standards. When corporate social responsibility is enhanced, people’s living conditions will be remarkably improved.

On the contrary, if businesses just pretend as if they have a green product or technology, when the curtain on them is lifted, the consequences will have to be taken into consideration. “Greenwashing” products and wrong marketing strategies lead to extensive damages. Toxic waste is ‘discharged directly into the air or water, instantly affects the living environment and human health. Moreover, The reputation of businesses will be tarnished, consumers will lack confidence in green-labeled products, and commitment to sustainability will become undervalued. Ultimately, it will be difficult for companies to restore their honor and consumer confidence, leading to a loss of profits and the risk of bankruptcy of the business itself.

It is extremely important for companies to develop effective green product and marketing strategies, which can eliminate the need for greenwashing and lead to greater profits and consumer faithful. In order to earn the respect and loyalty of. consumers, there is no mantra for companies except honest and genuinely committing to sustainability.