Metaverse is slowly becoming one of the most popular terms in the field of innovation, and every investor wants to utilize it to generate the greatest return compared to its competitors. There are a number of artists or businesses that are acting as pioneers in the Metaverse space.

In ancient times, the use of magic, spells, and prayers was developed throughout the cultures of the world. We were even recorded in magic books handed down through the generations. Here are five manuscripts to help us better understand the ancient magical world.

1. The Book of the Shaman Abramelin, The Esoteric Magic of Kabbalistic Knowledge

During a recent conference, central bankers from Cambodia and Singapore discussed how digital currencies are transforming the current payment system for the better.

Contact lenses (contact lenses) are so familiar and popular, they are used by more than 150 million people worldwide. People choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons: cosmetic or therapeutic. Along with that are the advantages of this type of glasses when compared to ordinary glasses such as no water, snow and higher aesthetics, so nowadays there are many young people who love this type of glasses.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

The vision of Leonardo da Vinci

Andreas Vesalius is the author of one of the most influential books in the history of medicine. His studies have revolutionized, changing our understanding of human anatomy.

Andreas Vesalius (1514–1564)

Ernest Rutherford is a physicist active in the fields of radioactivity and atomic construction. He is considered the “father” of nuclear physics after giving the “Atomic Planets” model to explain “experiments on gold foil”. For his discovery he was awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Ernest Rutherford (1871–1937)

Immortality is the pursuit target of many people throughout history.

James Bernard Schafer

The Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians

Dyedo Tikio

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